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Oppenheimer is a toponymic surname, derived from the German town Oppenheim, common among Germans and Ashkenazi Jews. Most uses refer to J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904–1967), the American physicist who headed the Manhattan Project. Other notable people with the surname include:

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  • Bernard Oppenheimer (1866–1921), South African and British diamond merchant and philanthropist, brother of Ernest
  • Ernest Oppenheimer (1880–1957), diamond and gold mining entrepreneur and financier; controlled De Beers and founded the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, brother of Bernard
  • Harry Frederick Oppenheimer (1908–2000), South African businessman of De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited, son of Ernest
  • Nicky Oppenheimer (born 1945), chairman of De Beers and of The Diamond Trading Company, son of Harry

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  • Damon Oppenheimer (born 1962), Vice President and Director of Amateur Scouting for the New York Yankees
  • David Oppenheim (rabbi) (1664–1736), also called Oppenheimer, rabbi of Prague and bibliophile
  • Isabel la Negra (1901–1974), also known as Isabel Luberza Oppenheimer, Puerto Rican madam
  • Joseph Oppenheimer (1820–1893), German-British businessman and inventor of telegraphic equipment
  • Josh Oppenheimer (born 1969), Israeli-American basketball coach, and former basketball player
  • Thomas Oppenheimer (born 1988), German ice hockey player

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