Lord Lieutenant of Brecknockshire

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This is a list of people who served as Lord Lieutenant of Brecknockshire. After 1723, all Lord Lieutenants were also Custos Rotulorum of Brecknockshire. The office was abolished on 31 March 1974 and replaced with the Lord Lieutenant of Powys, with Deputy Lieutenants for Brecknockshire.

Lords Lieutenant of Brecknockshire to 1974[edit]

Deputy lieutenant of Brecknockshire[edit]

A deputy lieutenant of Brecknockshire is commissioned by the Lord Lieutenant of Brecknockshire. Deputy lieutenants support the work of the lord-lieutenant. There can be several deputy lieutenants at any time, depending on the population of the county. Their appointment does not terminate with the changing of the lord-lieutenant, but they usually retire at age 75.

18th Century[edit]

20th Century[edit]


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